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Supported Processors and Platforms

This article is a part of the  Payment Processing Software / Credit Card Software Knowledge Base. 



Q. Which processors and platforms and in which countries does 911 Software, INC Payment Processing Software support?

A. Please see for a complete list.


Q. I do not see my processor or platform on the list above. Do you support it?

A. Many merchant account providers use the services of the listed processors. Please have your merchant account provider go over the list at to make a determination of support.


Q. I would like 911 Software to add my platform to the list. What do I do?

A. We are a customer driven company. This means that our development queue is driven by our customers (mostly large Point Of Sale companies, not the end users). Your best bet is to find a customer that will champion your platform to us.


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- 911 Software Team -

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