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This article is a part of the  Payment Processing Software / Credit Card Software Knowledge Base. 


A. There are two distinct causes for this, please check both

1) If this happens with an account that has never been setup or working and during a test with VISA/MC or on the licensing server, then you have to check both Business Config and Settlement Config for correct zip code, matching state, Terminal Number, Merchant ID and Category Code. If this is not the issue, the account may not be setup for terminal capture through Creditline SOFTWARE terminal. The account may also have been disabled  Please contact the processor to discuss. 

2) Otherwise, the card type is being attempted (usually American Express or Discover) that is not enabled by the processor. If you intend to accept this card type, please contact the bank/processor and let them know. If the card it stopping the batch, you may need to void it before proceeding.

Use this procedure to determine the source of the error: "Finding Bad Transactions in Batches"


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- 911 Software Team -

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