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Payment Processing Software Knowledge Base .: Compliance and Industry Standards .: Storage, Masking and Purging of Cardholder Data

Storage, Masking and Purging of Cardholder Data

This article is a part of the  Payment Processing Software / Credit Card Software Knowledge Base. 

Currently, CreditLine stores cardholder data in the format that is allowed by PCI counci (account number, exp date, amount)

It is perfectly justifiable for the end user to have this data encrypted on their PC since it is often needed for proper business operation such as adjustments to prior batches and data mining for missing and trouble transaction resolition.

1) The data is stored for the number of days specified in the Configuration->Business Configuration->Journal Backup. The data older than the specified number of days is purged. We recommend leaving at least 30 days of transactions on the system for accounting audits and adjustments.

2) In addition  it is possible to setup CreditLine to mask the used card holder data from prior batches so as to render it unusable. The account numbers are masked per PCI standards so that basic accounting can be performed but the data is useless to hackers even decrypted.

To enable:

Uncomment (remove leading ';') from the line MaskAccountNumberInBackupJournal=YES in 911/data/911_ccv.ini advanced setup file, like so:

;Masks credit card numbers permanently in the archived batches.
;Note: even if this option is off, the card numbers are encrypted securely per PABP CISP.
;The purpose of this option is to reduce liability for storing credit card numbers,
;even in an encrypted form.
;Warning: turning this option on is NOT recommended, if ever need to rerun any of the cards
;in the completed batches
;Default: NO

Save and restart the server.

NOTE: enabling of this feature is NOT recommended as it will make working with historical data very difficult and the data will not be useful to CreditLine recovery and adjustment tools.

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- 911 Software Team -

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