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This article is a part of the  Payment Processing Software / Credit Card Software Knowledge Base. 

This is is the most frustrating error on the First Data platform.  Even though the MID and TID is correct, there are other things that need to be setup for the account to work.

The following is a brief troubleshooting guide, based on our experience:

1) There are many platforms under First Data: North, South, Nashville, etc. An ISO merchant account reseller/provider may setup the account to auth on one platform and settle on another.  They need to make sure that both auth and settle is happening on the same platform of choice (North for instance).

>>>In particular,  for FDC North EDC, under Entitlements, the ISO needs to set EDC to 2 (not 0!) for all card types.  This is an option for back-end settlement on the North.

2) The account must be setup as Terminal Capture, not Host Capture

3) The account must be setup via Datawire

4) The account has to be active. We have seen the error go away a day after activation

5) The changes need time to propagate. We have seen the error go away a day after changes.

6) If this happens on MasterCard transactions only, the merchant may have signed up for Visa Special Pricing program, which disallows regulated MasterCard processing.  This is not a realistic program to implement, as majority of the best business cards these days are Regulated MasterCards. Please contact us to discuss further.

7) The Terminal ID is not correct or duplicate (MC Mandate requires a valid Terminal ID to be sent with every transaction.  0 is not valid).  Test via CreditLine Manager to make sure that the POS is sending the correct Terminal ID.



In most instances, once the account is incorrectly setup, adjusting the parameters does not work, they need to "RE-PROVISION" the account from scratch.

Insist on comparing the account to other FDC North accounts that work for you.

In rare instances, the account is actually inactive.  Once activated, the error goes away.

Not finding all the answers? Try searching the Online User Guide and Manual!

- 911 Software Team -

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