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Payment Processing Software Knowledge Base .: Setup .: Installation and Upgrade

Installation and Upgrade

Issues Pertaining to the Installation and Upgrade Processes

article Whch Operating Systems are Recommended and Supported?
Q.  Which OS is recommended and supported? A. All Windows platforms are supported. However,...

  8-20-2009    Views: 2653   
article Which Ports and IP addresses Have to be Open in the Firewall?
Q. Which ports and IP addresses have to be open in the firewall? A. Please see the following article:...

(No rating)  3-5-2009    Views: 2661   
article Running As a Windows Service
Q. How do I setup 911 Software credit card processing software to run as a Windows Service? A. Please...

(No rating)  1-26-2009    Views: 1628   
article Silent Install
  Q. Can the application be installed in the background without any user interaction?A. Yes, see...

  1-21-2009    Views: 1502   

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