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Payment Processing Software Knowledge Base .: Operational Issues .: General Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

General Operational Problems

article Cannot Batch or Process Transactions
Q.  Payment Processing Software failes to batch or process transactions. What do I do now?...

  2-4-2009    Views: 4092   
article Problems with Anti-Virus
We have had some complaints that on certain installations anti-virus software would try to interfere with the...

  4-3-2012    Views: 2192   
article Authorizations Do Not Batch
Q. I have some authorizations that do not batch and remain stuck in the journal, even though otherwise the batch...

  1-27-2009    Views: 8580   
article Duplicate Authorizations
Q. I am seeing consistent duplicate authorizations in the credit card software batches.A. This is often a result of...

(No rating)  1-23-2009    Views: 2796   
article Tip Does Not Turn Auth To Sale - Creates Force
Q. This may happen on text-based ICVerify type installations. Whever a tip is entered, instead of turning Auth to...

  8-7-2009    Views: 2943   
article Unreadable and Overlapping Text on POS Printers
Q.  I am trying to print receipts on a POS printer from CreditLine directly in stand-alone mode (without...

(No rating)  3-25-2009    Views: 2263   

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