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Error Messages

Articles Related to Common Error Messages

article AMEX or Discover Do Not Auth or Batch
Q. AMEX and/or DISCOVER cards give me errors during authorizations and/or batch. The errors can be:...

  7-29-2009    Views: 5845   
article Duplicate Batch Error (Dup)
Q. I get "ER: DUP" or Batch Duplicate error. A. Please...

  1-28-2009    Views: 18775   
article Invalid SSL Cert
This error is due to upgraded SSL Certificate procedures on the processor side. To resolve: 1) Update the...

  8-26-2010    Views: 7807   
article Transmission Failed Errors
Q. I am getting Transmission Failed errors now, BUT the credit card software system used to work fine and NO...

  1-23-2009    Views: 5137   
article 302Found HTTP Receive Error
This error is usually a result of firewall and/or internet settings that do not allow credit card software traffic to...

  2-5-2009    Views: 4212   
article 401Unathorized / ER!401Unathorized
Fifth Third St. Pete IP platform requires a User Name and Password in the setup. If not specified, the...

  8-25-2010    Views: 2244   
article Datawire Error Message: Send Error 53, Receive Error 54, etc
The following errors may appear in Datawire powered processors (Global, FDC, etc). Send Error 53 Receive...

  3-17-2011    Views: 42485   
article Directory Not Available
This error happens in Jonas when "Opportunistic Locking Policy" is set to on.Please turn off this...

(No rating)  5-12-2011    Views: 1585   
article ER: Cannot Find Transaction (JONAS)
 Jonas programs can only accept 4 digit transaction numbers from the server.  CreditLine can handle up...

  1-19-2010    Views: 2455   
article ER: FAILURE VM
FAILURE VM is an error that may happen on TSYS and TSYS related processor. It indicates exceeded Daily Auth...

  5-7-2011    Views: 7627   
article Error 03 on HPS
Q. I am getting Error 03 A. Most likely cause is that the account is setup for dialup (if...

  4-18-2009    Views: 3400   
article Error 1158: Error Populating Strings while Installing
Error 1158: Error Populating Strings If you are getting this error while trying to install on Windows Server...

  8-29-2012    Views: 6087   
article Error 518: Client is in Inconsistent State (Paymentech)
Q. I am getting this error on Paymentech.: ER!412ERROR-518-Warning! Client (mid=310000027236, tid=001) has...

  4-2-2009    Views: 4564   
article Error CID FORMAT ERROR
CID FORMAT ERROR is usually a result of improper info being received from the card reader. In particular,...

  3-1-2012    Views: 21237   
article Error CV
Q. I am getting ERROR CV message. A. If you are entering the CVV number, it may be incorrect. Try...

  8-12-2009    Views: 3522   
article Error Invalid Actual Amount
Error: Invalid Actual AmountThe amount entered exceeds the Upper Limit set for the particular card type in...

  2-1-2012    Views: 3267   
article Error-Code 506 Error Communicating With Host (Paymentech)
Q. Error-Code 506 Error Communicating With Host (Paymentech) A. This is a generic Paymentech error and...

  1-20-2011    Views: 7525   
article Error: 401 UNAUTHORIZED
Error 401 UNAUTHORIZED may be given by a processor (in particular 5/3rd Bank) if the account info is not...

  5-31-2012    Views: 23766   
article Error: PLEASE RETRY (HB)
This is is the most frustrating error on the First Data platform.  Even though the MID and TID is correct,...

  3-1-2012    Views: 6653   
article HOLD, REFERRED and CALL Voice Center Errors
These error messages come from the security department of the credit card issuer and indicate a stop-warning that...

  2-5-2009    Views: 4987   
article Invalid Card Type / INV CARD TYPE
Error Invalid Card Type (or INV CARD TYPE) may occur during authorization or batch. IF this error occurs...

  3-19-2009    Views: 20295   
article Invalid Tip Amount / Tip Too Large
Q. Whenever I attempt to finalize a transaction with a tip amount that is large compared to the initial...

(No rating)  8-28-2009    Views: 2799   
Q.  ER: INVLD TRAN CODE  (Invalid Transaction Code) A. Usually occurs at batch time. ...

  12-18-2010    Views: 3169   
article Lane Validation Error on Gift Cards
Q. I am getting a Lane Validation Error. A. Usually, this is a problem with the account that requires...

  9-2-2009    Views: 2655   
article Out Of Balance Errors
Q. I am getting Out of Balance errors during batching Nova or AMEX. A. The protocol has...

  1-27-2009    Views: 3258   
article RE ENTER or ERROR 06
Q. I am getting RE ENTER error on TSYS compliant protocol. A. If the error does not go away after a few...

  8-12-2009    Views: 11526   
article REC#0 H16 on HPS
This error usually happens at batch time and indicates a problem with the account setup. In particular, check the...

(No rating)  3-10-2017    Views: 922   
Q. Error SERV NOT ALLOWED or UNAUTHORIZED or NOT SUPPORTED A. There are two distinct causes for this, please...

  1-26-2011    Views: 39955   
article SSL Error 62
If you are receiving an SSL error, you need update to the latest SSL certificate.

(No rating)  8-8-2016    Views: 5604   
article VXN Error. ER! Send Error=53
This is an error that is generated by the Datawire DLL. The error indicates a connectivity break at the host or...

  12-19-2012    Views: 57349   

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