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Payment Processing Software Knowledge Base .: Compliance and Industry Standards

Compliance and Industry Standards

Questions about Important Industry Regulations and Compliance

article PCI Security PA-DSS, PABP and CISP
Q. Is the software PCI compliant? What about CISP, PABP and PA-DSS?  A. Yes we are PCI PA-DSS, CISP...

  2-5-2009    Views: 2319   
article Which Version Should I Use For a Particular Processor?
Q. What version of the credit card software should I use to be compliant with both PCI Security standards and the...

  2-5-2009    Views: 3103   
article IIAS and FSA Compliance
Q. Is 911 Software FSA and IIAS compliant? A. Yes. IIAS is a requirement for the POS systems and FSA is...

  2-20-2009    Views: 2695   
article Storage, Masking and Purging of Cardholder Data
Currently, CreditLine stores cardholder data in the format that is allowed by PCI counci (account number, exp...

  3-13-2011    Views: 2588   

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