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General Operational Questions

General Questions about Operation of the Software

article Deleting the entire Batch or Individual Transactions
The following link helps you remove individual transacions (for instance if they stop the batches from going...

  4-7-2011    Views: 3743   
article How to determine Source of Transactions (POS or Manager) ?
Q. How do I determine where the transactions came from, the POS or CreditLine Manager? A. Please see...

  6-25-2009    Views: 2437   
article Viewing Full Account Number and Expiration Date
Q. How do I view the full account number and exp date? A. Please see this article: ...

  3-24-2009    Views: 3022   
article IsServerOnline API always returns TRUE
To enable this API, please set CheckServerOnline variable in the 911\DATA\CLCAPI.INI file

  5-25-2011    Views: 1832   
article What is a Voice Autorization / Force?
Please see a Glossary article on Forced Authorizations.

  5-4-2011    Views: 2221   
article Why is Auth Time BEFORE Finalize Time?
In some instances, you can see Auth timestamp that is before a Finalize timestamp. Auth time is received from...

  3-31-2011    Views: 2920   

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